Great Bustard-Birding Day Tour

The Great Bustard, one of the world's heaviest flying birds, inhabits a huge area of uniform countryside in the Baixo Alentejo and can sometimes be difficult to see unless you know where to look.

Other species that can be found include (according to season) Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Calandra Lark, Lesser Kestrel, Griffon Vulture, Spanish Imperial Eagle and Little Bustard.

We'll pick you up and drop off. All times are flexible and adaptable.


We’ll make a journey into the Alentejo. This vast area of rolling steppe land comprises the largest expanses of grassland plains in Portugal. Throughout the year the whole area is absolutely enchanting, both for its birds and the outstanding scenery, lush and liberally coated with wildflowers in the winter and spring. This is one of the most important areas in Europe for sought after species like Great and Little Bustards, Lesser Kestrel and Black-bellied Sandgrouse. The area also supports a great diversity and high density of raptors.

The Great Bustard (Otis tarda) is in the bustard family, the only member of the genus Otis. It breeds in southern and central Europe, where it is the largest species of bird, and across temperate Asia. European populations are mainly resident.

This bird's habitat is open grassland, although it can be found on undisturbed cultivation. It has a stately slow walk, and tends to run when disturbed rather than fly. It is gregarious, especially in winter. This species is omnivorous, taking seeds, insects and other small creatures, including frogs and beetles.

The bustards are majestic birds but it takes a knowledgeable guide to find them in this vast area.

Why a day trip with us?
We offer a personalised guided birding tour with a birding guide who enjoys the subject as much as you.
The limited numbers of clients each day gives you the personal attention of the birding guide.
You don't have to be an expert... we can help you develop your skills. You just have to enjoy and want to observe the many beautiful and fascinating birds, not to mention all the other wildlife, fabulous landscapes, we see along the way.
We believe in two simple premises: we want all of our clients to share in the excitement and fun of a top-notch birding adventure, and we want to provide the best service possible.

The tour includes

Minimum 2, Maximum 7 fellow travellers. Larger groups by prior arrangement

1 day - Starts at: 8.30 am - Finishes at: 17.30

All times are flexible and adaptable

Inclusions: - Includes pick up and drop off

Pricing starts at 75 Euros per pax/Trip(prices for a minimum of 4 persons)

Starting point: free collection from your accommodation (Tavira or Cabanas). Finishing point: any resort (Tavira or Cabanas). For different resort please contact for price.

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