Flamingo Half Day Birding Tour

The Ria Formosa Natural Park, with its channels, salt marshes and salt flats is home to Flamingos, that can be found here more or less throughout the year. Located on the southern coast of Portugal, the Ria Formosa is made up of 18,000 hectares of tidal marshes protected by a spectacular 60 km long system of sand-dune islands that separate the land from the ocean.

Besides being a great value birding tour, this scenery is worthy of the trip. We can also expect to see Spoonbills and a good selection of wading birds according to season.

We'll pick you up and drop off. All times are flexible and adaptable.


Definitely a birdwatchers' paradise, the Ria Formosa Natural Park is recognized as an important wetland with outstanding ecosystems for bird life, which use the extensive areas of the marshes and the saltpans to breed. It's a wintering ground for birds from northern and central Europe and a safe haven for migrating birds on their way to Africa.

This area guarantees food for the flamingo, a species with a specific diet, found in water that is not too deep, but is moderately salty. The pigments necessary for their pink coloring come from carotenoids they find in their food (algae, crustaceans, molluscs and other invertebrates).

The Greater Flamingo Phoenicopterus roseus is the largest, palest and most widespread of all the flamingo species.

It is distinguished from all other flamingos by its large size (averaging 110 - 150 cm) in combination with its relatively pale plumage.

The species is highly gregarious, breeding in large colonies, some with thousands of birds.

We can also expect to see Spoonbills and a selection of wading birds according to season.

Why a day trip with us?
We offer a personalised guided birding tour with a birding guide who enjoys the subject as much as you.
The limited numbers of clients each day gives you the personal attention of the birding guide.
You don't have to be an expert... we can help you develop your skills. You just have to enjoy and want to observe the many beautiful and fascinating birds, not to mention all the other wildlife, fabulous landscapes, we see along the way.
We believe in two simple premises: we want all of our clients to share in the excitement and fun of a top-notch birding adventure, and we want to provide the best service possible.

The tour includes

Minimum 2, Maximum 7 fellow travellers. Larger groups by prior arrangement

1/2 day - Starts at: 8.30 am - Finishes at: 13.00pm

All times are flexible and adaptable

Inclusions: - Includes pick up and drop off

Pricing starts at 50 Euros per pax/Trip(prices for a minimum of 4 persons)

Starting point: free collection from your accommodation (Tavira or Cabanas). Finishing point: any resort (Tavira or Cabanas). For different resort please contact for price.

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